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MPO Panel & Cassette

MPO Panel & Cassette


           GPZ/JJ-3B/MPO-2LC12MM                                        GPZ/JJ-12B/MPO-2LC12MM




   B/MPO-2LC MM                                          B/MPO-2LC SM                     B/MPO-2SC SM



MPO panels are designed to enable a fiber net work to be installed and commissioned in the short possible time.
All the components are pre-assembled and easy to be installed tothe shelf.
It is a perfect solution for optical fiber installations and management.
  • Easy for installation and operation.
  • 19''  standard structure.
  • Sliding tray design.
  • Available for the installation of FC/SC/ST/LC adapters



              MPO-12SC fanout                                mpo adapters


  • MPO patch cord is a new type of optical patch cord
  • Suitable for jump connection in high density and low loss computer room equipment
  • Reduce room space greatly


Available for 4,8,12 cores MPO ribbon patch cord and ribbon fan-out patch cord
RJ45 pluggable locking structure
Connections: MT-type